Ongoing pressure and repeated requests from our high-tech customers in North America lead to the development of a hub warehouse operation that services the requirements of a VMI or JIT delivery process.

This warehouse facility has been operating since 1991 and with the growing demand for VMI/JIT type programs across the electronics industry our hub services have been a unique selling advantage that has allowed Tenacious International to increase our value position to both our suppliers and customers.

By offering Supply Chain Logistics we can increase our relationship with you and become a true partner in your ongoing and future success. VMI/JIT logistics streamlines the supply chain and reduces the OEM or EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) on-hand inventory by pushing the burden up the supply stream back to the supplier.

Inventory burden can put a significant strain on a supplier. Working with an unknown third party logistic provider can add several random variables to an already complex operation. By using Tenacious International you can limit the risk by working with a trusted business partner who has a mutual business interest in promoting your success.

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