Welcome to Tenacious International’s Display & LED Solutions Hub

Display Products Showcase

  • Character LCD: Enhance readability with our clear and precise character LCD screens.
  • Graphic LCD: Immerse in visuals with our high-resolution graphic LCD displays.
  • Color LCD: Experience vibrant color accuracy and sharpness.
  • COF, TAB, COG LCD: Advanced displays engineered for exceptional performance and versatility.
  • Flat Panel: Slim, sleek, and optimized for modern applications.
  • CRT: Classic display technology, proven and reliable.

LED Product Collection

  • LED Display/Dot Matrix/Custom: Tailor-made LED solutions for varied applications.
  • SMD LED: Compact, power-efficient, and perfect for design flexibility.
  • LED Lamp/Array: Illuminate with our powerful and efficient LED lamp and array offerings.
  • COB and COF LED: Seamless integration, ensuring longevity and consistent brightness.
  • Photo Diodes and Transistors: Precision-engineered for optimal light detection and emission.

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